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What's next

After Dr. Stenzler approves your paperwork, your information will be entered into the state medical M use registry.

You will receive an email from the state, need to fill out a form, upload a picture of your driver’s license proving Florida Residency , include a passport photo for your medical marijuana ID card and a $75 fee to the state that can now be paid by credit card.  If you wish,we can help you with all the processing after you see Dr. Stenzler.

Within 18-30 days you will receive an email qualifying you to go to a medical marijuana dispensary center and purchase your alternative to opioids . At some point you will receive your identification card, but the email is sufficient to go to a dispensary and meet with an informed counselor to obtain your prescribed cannabis.

You will have to see Dr. Stenzler once every 210 days, however, there is a follow up appointment by email or phone that is required every 70 days.


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